Stonham Aspal Pre-School Newsletter
Autumn 2nd Half Term 2019

We would like to welcome Scarlet, Lavender, Alice, Amelia, Max H and Eva.  to Pre-School

Planning from the children’s interests                                                   

This half term:

Week 1-6th January: Frozen castles, letter of the week – n

Week 2 – 13th January: Frozen castles, Letter of the Week – o

Week 3 – 20th January: Chinese New Year, Letter of the Week – p

Week 4 – 27th January: Ourselves, Letter of the Week – q

Week 5 – 3rd February: Our families, Letter of the Week – r

Week 6 – 10th February: Maths/Science, Letter of the Week – s

Could you please bring in a copy of a baby photograph of your child please, we will be displaying these at pre-school as we learn about change and growth.

Last half Term

We celebrated Diwali and bonfire night, looking at all the colours the fireworks make by mixing coloured paint together.

The children enjoyed writing letters to Father Christmas and posting them in our role play post office.

We ended the year with Christmas crafts, our party and Nativity.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support at pre-school.

Letter of the week

We will be supporting your child’s learning by having a Letter of the Week, please encourage your child or support them in finding something from home or outside for each different Letter of the Week. We have a phonics box for your child to put their item into and talk about the letter sounds during group time. This will support them in their phonic awareness.

Show & Tell

Your child can bring in their show and tell if they like, we will be doing this through key person groups:

Week 1: Squirrels/Erin

Week 2: Hedgehogs/Rachel

Week 3: Rabbits/Siobhan

Week 4: Chickens/Carmen

Week 5: Swans/Nicola

Help required

We always need help with small DIY/Garden jobs so if you have any time please speak to Nicola.

Please feel free to bring in a pair of slippers for your child. This will support their independence in changing their shoes.

Open Door Policy Please remember you are free to talk to your Key Person at any time and you have access to your child’s learning journey at any time.

Policy Renewal

Health and Safety – up for renewable Nov 19