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Transitions into Stonham Aspal Primary School

Throughout our everyday routines, we enable children to become familiar with the Primary School. We frequently take children in small groups to collect the post, look at the classrooms, say hello to the teachers and talk about the different parts of school. We have a ‘Group Time’ slot twice a week in the assembly hall where we play games, sing songs or play games with the parachute. We often go for walks around the Primary School’s playing field, and have great fun chasing bubbles and playing games such as ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf’. The children sometimes have their snack in the undercover classroom outside.

In the Summer Term, the children starting Primary School in September begin their transitions into the Foundation Stage. Key Persons take small groups of children into the reception classroom during the school’s assembly time to read stories and help the children get used to the Primary School environment. We also have a variety of story books about starting school. We have dressing up clothes in our role play area such as school dresses, jumpers and P.E t-shirts.

During Key Stage 1’s playtime on the playground, Key Persons take small groups of children to play outside to get to know the other children and practice lining up at the end of playtime. Near the end of summer term, the children bring their P.E kits to Pre-School to practice getting ready for P.E.  The Reception teachers also come over to Pre-School to get to know the children and play lotto and turn-taking games. This too helps the children become familiar with their new teachers. The children spend two half days and one full day in the reception class with their new teachers. A key person stays with the children for the first half day initially to help the children settle in. We then gradually decrease the time we spend with them in the reception classroom.  This is flexible and based on each child’s individual needs.

We have coffee mornings in the Summer term for pre-school children/parents and Foundation Stage parents so they can talk together about any anxieties or issues they may have. A member of staff attends theses morning as does the Reception teacher, the Headmistress and a member of the PTA.

Some of our children started school in other areas such as Creeting St Mary Primary School. This year we created a photo book of the school and the teachers to share with the children and talk about the different areas of the School. The children attended transition days and the reception teacher visited the children at Pre-School to get to know them.


“My child is very happy to line up and go into school independently.”


“The transitions went so well, it has put my mind to rest.”

Parent/carer comments have been very positive about the transitions into Primary School.

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